​The Person Responsible


Hi, I am Vic

I had been Taipei for 5 years as a product designer.

I resigned and got my scuba diving instructor license in Kenting because I didn't want to get stuck in my comfort zone.


Due to this skill and license, I started the diving instructor career in Australia.

I learned how to live in these nearly 2 years in Australia.

I could filled aplenty of activities in my free time. Build the quality.
Realize difference of live! 

I want to take this attitude back and share with friends.


Now! When I back to Taiwan.

I would like to show the people how the ocean beautiful and amazing is!

Though my experiences and the professional skill what I learnt in Australia.

Let everyone enjoy the ocean and find the flow!!

PADI Scuba Diving Instructor

AIDA LV2 Freediving 

CASI LV2 Snowboard Instructor

AASI LV1 Snowboard Instructor 


Operations Supervisor


Hello! This is Adventurer Dora! 
I love travelling and the ocean!
I love being crazy and I love to know everybody around the world! I still remember the first time when I met a "real" squid in Kenting (not on the dining table) 
I still remember the first time i swam with Su Mei fish in Australia. 
I learn to be humble and respectful in the sea. 
I learn the importance to care and protect our planet in the sea. 
What I want to do here is to let you know how beautiful our ocean is!
Welcome to the world underwater and explore with dora!

PADI Scuba Diving Instructor

CASI LV1 Snowboard Instructor


Brand Supervisor


Hi I am Hao, from concrete jungle of Taiwan-Taipei City!

I have had the habit of exercise since I was little.
When I studied in high school,
I went to Yilan where has rich natural resource.
I developed more outdoor sports, e.g., surfing, diving and gliding.

I join this diving team just after I graduated from the university.
I'd like to show the mystery ocean to more people and explore with you!!

PADI Scuba Diving Instructor

CASI LV1 Snowboard Instructor


Shop Manager


Hi, I’m Nicole

When I was in Australia for the first night dive, I was deeply fascinated by the ocean.

Floating at the end of the night dive, watching the starsI realized that there was such a pure touch in life!

I really wanna share such a happy experience for people who don’t know the ocean.

Also hope everyone can care about the environment we live in.

Come and dive with us!

PADI Rescue diver